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Learn More About Section 179

At Baxter Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Lincoln, we take pride in helping small-business owners get the support they deserve. Whether you're seeking out financial support or simply looking to increase on-the-job productivity, the Section 179 Tax Deduction is in place to provide you with a helping hand. The Section 179 tax code was implemented by the U.S. government as a way of promoting growth and success for small-to-medium-sized businesses. With this tax deduction, eligible participants can write off the cost of vehicles that are put into business use at least 50% of the time. When is the Section 179 deadline? To qualify, your Ram truck or van must be put into service by December 31, 2020. Learn more today at our Ram dealership in Lincoln, NE!

What Ram Models Qualify for Section 179?

These are just a few of the Section 179-eligible vehicles we have at our nearby Ram dealership. If you'd like to find out about any Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles that meet the requirements for Section 179, please don’t hesitate to contact Baxter Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Lincoln.

What Are the Section 179 Tax Limits?

When it comes to how much businesses can write off for the 2020 tax year, the limit is set to $1,040,000. The Section 179 total amount increases to $2,590,000 on equipment purchases. Once a business has exceeded $3,630,000, the tax deduction will go away, which makes it a valuable commodity for small- and medium-sized businesses. Still unsure about Section 179 limits? Wondering if your local Lincoln business is eligible? Stop by and we'll provide all the answers you need.